It's Alright

I'm feeling good today. I won't say that is rare for me, because most days I am pretty happy. I know my last few posts have not been happy, but today I am feeling good. Friday I got to go to North Carolina to see one of my favorite writers (James Patterson) speak and get an autographed copy of his latest book. I took my love with me and we had a pretty great day. We hit up a couple of thrift stores and had lunch before making the two hour drive back home. I enjoy days like this with him. I know he is pretty much a home body but it's nice to get him out and drive around just listening to music and laughing of course. Laughter is a daily thing with him. And on the rare occasions I can get him to laugh is one of the most beautiful things. His whole face lights up and I love to see it. It always makes my day. The whole weekend turned out pretty nice as a matter of fact and now its doing a little light raining ,which is always my favorite type of day.

I'm also pretty happy about being able to finally lose some weight. Its been a month and one week since my doctor started me on a diet somewhat like the Atkins diet. I basically just eat protein and veggies and fruit. No carbs of any kind which means no bread, no pasta, no potatoes except the occasional sweet potato. And of course no sugar or soft drinks, not that I was that big of a soft drink drinker anyway. He also prescribed me some medication that gives me energy and helps curve the appetite. And a weekly injection that is primary used for diabetes but has been found to have great results in helping people lose weight. It all has paid off quite well since i've already lost 21 pounds. And that's a great thing because that's one step closer into getting my knees fixed. I have been unable to stand for more than an hour or so tops at one time due to my knees being just about out of cartilage. So basically that means the bones in that joint are rubbing together which causes a good bit of pain. I was able to find a job working from home doing customer service type of calls since I can't be on my feet. Once I hit my goal weight my Ortho doctor gave me, he has agreed to do surgery to fix my knees and then I can get my life back. I'm pretty excited about that because I can start checking off some things on my bucket list. And also just being able to walk across the grocery store pain free would be so completely nice. You never realize the little things that you take advantage of until you can't do them anymore.

I encourage everyone to make a bucket list or just make goals for themselves. It gives you something to strive for. And it can be for anything, like going somewhere you've always wanted to go to or taking dance lessons, getting a tattoo, going back to school or riding a rollercoaster. Just write them all down and check them off one at a time.I have been lucky enough to check off a few of my own things to do before I die and you wouldn't believe how wonderful that feels. Take a lesson from the song below, it's alright ,have a good time because it's alright. No matter what is going on in your life, find those happy moments in it. Get up and dance, make a playlist with your favorite happy songs. Take one minute at a time, one smile at a time, one laugh at a time because it's going to be alright. Give yourself a chance, give yourself some love and tell yourself that it's alright.

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